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No matter who you are, or where you go, we can get what you need. At Victorlite, we make it easier and greener for everyone to enjoy more travel and urban life

rPET Luggage

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Together with Victorlite Luggage, you can work out a necessary strategy for each of your life spheres that are connected with your personal life, family, and profession.

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It's never too late to make a right choice, Victorlite always try to bring valuable things to everyone.

Products range of Victorlite Luggage

Victorlite luggage has many years' experience in providing companies with a wide range of hardside luggage and suitcases . Listed below are main products we offer to clients.

Polypropylene Luggage
Polypropylene Luggage

Polypropylene (PP) suitcase is made from 100% Polypropylene material. Let us know your demand, we can realize your design.

Aluminum Luggage
Aluminum Luggage

Aluminum alloy hardside luggage (magnalium alloy material) makes your life and travel LUXURY.

Recylced rPET Luggage
Recylced rPET Luggage

Recycled rPET luggage ( ECO-friendly Recycled PET plastic bottle material) Water-proof,multi-functional,in fashion,Ultra lightweight and super strong.

ABS & Polycarbonate luggage
ABS & Polycarbonate luggage

Victorlite also produce usual ABS & Polycarbonate luggage according to our clients customized with many years OEM experience for top brand.


About Us

For over more than 10 years,  from East to West, Victorlite Luggage is becoming to a leader in luggage and bags industry. With many years of research and development, we now have developed a NEW INNOVATIVE way to make more stable luggage and bags, that has better mobility and lighter in weight than ever before.  We enjoyed in helping thousands of people to spend few money , but to get better luggage and bags !

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Sales Team

If you are looking for high-quality luggage and bags, fashion lifestyle,travel gears, outdoors ,the specialists of Victorlite Sales Department will be glad to provide you with any product of your choice.

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