What is Green Product Mark from TUV Rheinland ?

What is Green Product Mark from TUV Rheinland ?

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Green Product Mark for Consumer Products with a Smaller Environmental Impact 

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Countries worldwide have implemented regulations and limitations on the use of hazardous chemical substances, as well as energy efficiency requirements, to protect human health and the ecosystem.

Additionally, the retail sector demands products that meet green and sustainability requirements, of which the usage of post-consumer recycled material is only one example.

TÜV Rheinland offers the Green Product Mark to showcase independent certification that demonstrates product compliance with various sustainability regulations and requirements, and to help manufacturers to promote their eco-friendly products in a more direct, fast and efficient way.

The Green Product Mark is a voluntary sustainability mark for consumer products, which identifies green and sustainable products. It supports minimizing the impact of consumer products’ production, use and recycling on the environment, thereby giving end consumers and buyers guidance in the crowded market place.

The central idea of the Green Product Mark is to identify safe and sustainable products. The mark can be  applied to various consumer products, such as A/V electronics, household appliances, leisure and sports equipment, furniture, textiles, and toys.

The Green Product Mark is awarded on the precondition that the product passed a safety evaluation and that the manufacturer assures social compliance.

Based on this, TÜV Rheinland evaluates the product in 4 categories (applicability depending on the product):

· Responsible use of chemical substances (including RoHS, REACH and other related regulations)

· Resource efficiency

· Product carbon footprint calculation

· Compliance with social requirements

TÜV Rheinland’s Green Mark proofs the limited impact of a consumer product on the environment.

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Victorlite Luggage develop and manufacture ECO luggage which is made from recycled PET-plastic bottles. It tested and evaluated based on the 4 categories of the TÜV Rheinland Green Product Mark. 

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For more information about  green product mark sustainability luggage, please contact our email : business@victorlite.com




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