Victorlite Busy luggage assembling line and hard-working staffs

Victorlite Busy luggage assembling line and hard-working staffs

VICTORLITE LUGGAGE's busy luggage assembling line and hard-working staffs


Usually, March and April are the most busy months to producing and delivering for international orders. Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus influence, many of luggage orders were cancelled from the international clients. Some of our competitors have to close their producing lines. 


Why VICTORLITE is so busy ?

First of all, thank you so much for the supports from our clients many years. Now it's the time we should do something to support our clients. Because we have the stable clients who cooperate us for many years. We can produce and keep stocks in our warehouse for our clients during this hard and difficult period. And after they recover from Coronavirus, we can ship the finished luggage immediately from the stocks.


Secondly, we want to take this opportunity to thank you material suppliers. Because they always supply high quality material on time, we can give our qualified service and products.


Third, we already develop newest products with ECO-friendly material. 

Victorlite team takes the environment seriously and follows the inspiring of people to care about the planet.

Victorlite team launched a first RPET hardside luggage since 2016 that is made of Recycled PET bottles. Till now, Victorlite already launched more than twenty collections of ECO-friendly RPET luggage. We sincerely hope that more and more people follow and use ECO-friendly RPET suitcases which are made from recycled PET plastic bottles to reduce the over consumption and preserve our planet.




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