Victorlite Travel Gear for Four-Legged Friends Rolling Pet Carrier

Victorlite Travel Gear for Four-Legged Friends Rolling Pet Carrier

As Travel-goods Magazine said, Pets are more popular than ever. Approximately 23 million Americans have gotten a dog or cat during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number will only continue to climb. With more flexible schedules and opportunities to work remotely, many pet owners will be venturing out for long vacations or day trips with their four-legged friends. In fact, the American Pet Products Association discovered that 37% of pet owners take trips with their pet(s) each year, a 19% increase from the previous decade.

Traveling can be incredibly stressful for pets. Cramped spaces, long journeys, and unfamiliar smells and noises can all contribute to travel anxiety. Pet owners want to be assured they are doing whatever they can to make their cherished companions as comfortable as possible. We have found 12 innovative products that will help alleviate travel stresses for both pets and their owners and conveniently separated them into two categories — air travel and road travel. This modern travel gear will provide on-the-go pet owners with the most seamless travel experience possible while keeping their dog or cat comfortable and content.

 Travel Gear for Four-Legged Friends 

Stylish and whimsical, the Victorlite Rolling Pet Carrier provides pet owners with maximum visibility of their beloved companion. The clear, polycarbonate shell allows pets to see their entire surroundings, helping to ease their nerves while traveling. It includes a cooling mat to help regulate the pet’s temperature along with a waterproof mat in case of any accidents. The carrier is super light and durable, and the dual-spinner wheels make for easy walks through the airport.

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The Victorlite Rolling Pet Carrier is a contemporary home-on-the-go for small cats and dogs. Measures 16.93” x 10.63” x 19.66”. Available in turquoise, green, coral and black. MSRP: $89.99

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