Eco-friendly RPET suitcase made from recycled PET plastic bottles

Eco-friendly RPET suitcase made from recycled PET plastic bottles

ECO-friendly RPET suitcase is made of recycled PET bottles

Better luggage for better travelling. 

Recently , more and more people follow and use ECO-friendly Recycled RPET bags and suitcases.

Victorlite team takes the environment seriously and follows the inspiring of people to care about the planet.

Victorlite team launched a first RPET hardside suitcase since 2016 that is made of Recycled PET bottles. Till now, Victorlite already lauched more than twenty collections of  ECO-friendly RPET luggages. We sincerely hope that more and more people follow and use ECO-friendly RPET suitcases which are made from recycled PET plastic bottles to reduce the over consumption and preserve our planet.

Victorlite luggage are RPET hardside luggage manufacturer and exporters .If you are interested in ECO-friendly Recycled RPET luggage, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

RPET-luggage parameters&Feature:

Eco-Friendly: this material is same with water bottle, very safe no pollution at all. and can be recycled. Not like ABS, ABS have too much pollution to the air.

hard & strong: this material has very hard nature, and excellent tenacity, it is very hard for a man to broken it without knives or other tools.

Fantastic appearance: as to its hard nature, this material have excellent anti-scratching ability. it will have excellent out looking even after months or years' using. and without extra protection films. metallic surface, fluorescence, reflective etc, all available. you can just image the luggage you want, it could be!

Cost Down: you may heard that now in China PC and ABS materials prices are increasing rapidly, this will effect the luggage cost heavily. many companies can not bear this increasing, But if you have PET, this will not happen. We have all production line from raw material to final products. so the price will be more competitive and more stable. And it is surely that in a few months, PC and ABS materials will cost much more, as China has already forbidden recycled PC and ABS import. you must know that most PC and ABS luggage are made of Rubbish/Recycled materials. But PET is clean and Eco-Friendly, no effect to environment, no limits to most countries.

Light weight: as its excellent, the luggage could be lighter than the same size luggage made of PC or ABS.

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